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IN ADDITION TO PROVIDING unique and novel water management programs for the Extrusion, Plastics, Chemical, and Manufacturing industries, Chemagineering Corporation has had multiple experiences in sales, field technical support, marketing, manufacturing, product research and development, and technical education and training programs. Some of the areas that Chemagineering Corporation could assist you may include:
  • Plant Surveys, System Trouble-Shooting and Equipment Inspections
  • In-House Customized Technical Training Programs
  • Customer/Prospect Seminars
  • Product Development and Manufacturing Procedures
  • Facility Water and Energy Conservation and Management
  • Conventional Water Management Evaluations including: External Pretreatment; Cooling Water; Waste Water; Boiler Water; Steam/Condensate; and Fireside Treatment Programs
Chemagineering Corporation ... Imaginative preventive plant maintenance
through chemical and engineering solutions.


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