CHEMAGINEERING CORPORATION was incorporated in October 1988 to manufacture and provide specialty water management products and services to industry, with primary focus and emphasis on the Plastic Extrusion, Chemical Manufacturing, and Printing market segments. During the past twenty-five years our products and services have been utilized in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and throughout the United States to assist our clients in maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces and minimizing system metal losses.

In addition to using safe, environmentally friendly water management products, we have also consistently strived to maximize water conservation and use, while minimizing energy costs. Dr. Peter E. Greenlimb, principle founder of Chemagineering Corporation, has been an outspoken advocate and proponent of water and energy conservation in steam and cooling water systems throughout his forty year career in the water management industry.

Chemagineering Corporation provides our innovative water management products and technologies both to distributors and end-users. In addition, we also provide In-Plant Consulting and Problem-Solving Services, Internal Customized Training Courses, Technical Seminars and Lectures, R & D Direction, and Formulary Development.

Chemagineering Corporation ... Imaginative preventive plant maintenance
through chemical and engineering solutions.


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